Terms & Conditions

Since most items are personalized I currently do not refund or accept exchanges once the item has shipped.

If you have purchased an item that is generic and are unhappy with it you can either message me and we can work something out or you can simply return the item and I will issue a refund on the item itself (shipping charges cannot be refunded).

I ship all purchases USPS unless instructed otherwise.  I wish I could personally hand deliver every package to insure it makes it to its destination in tact and on time.  Unfortunately that is not humanly possible so I rely on USPS to do that for me. Sometimes packages are lost, stolen, or damaged.  It is a rare occasional that that happens and if you feel in that category please know it frustrates me just as is frustrates you.  Please know that I am not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.  Please message me though if this has happened to you and I can try to work with you to help resolve the issue.

PLEASE NOTE: I want every customer to feel like you have had exceptional service! If you are dissatisfied in anyway please let me know (via the contact page or email: kendollmade@yahoo.com) as I would love to try to fix whatever issue there might be.


Chelsea Kendoll